Value Added catalogs

Spectral classification and composites of galaxies in LAMOST DR4 40,182 galaxy spectra (36,601 targets) in LAMOST DR4 2018MNRAS.474.1873W Download Li-Li Wang, A-Li Luo, et al., MNRAS,2017, 474,1873
LAMOST DR4 value-added catalog Stellar parameters RV, Teff, logg, Mv, [Fe/H], [alpha/Fe], [C/H], [N/H] (C and N abundance are available only for giants), exitinction and distance for 6,597,527 spectra of 4,373,824 stars of LAMOST (DR4) 2017MNRAS.467.1890X catalog_vac

M.-S. Xiang, X.-W. Liu, et al., MNRAS,2017, 467,1890
Ages and Masses of 0.64 million Red Giant Branch stars from the LAMOST Galactic Spectroscopic Survey Sample entries of deduced parameters of the 640986 uniq LAMOST-RGB sample stars with Gaia parameters 2019MNRAS.484.5315 catalog_rgb

Yaqian Wu, Maosheng Xiang, Gang Zhao, et al., MNRAS,2019, 484,5315
The Ages and Masses of a Million Galactic-disk Main-sequence Turnoff and Subgiant Stars from the LAMOST Galactic Spectroscopic Surveys The stellar age and mass for 0.93 million Galactic-disk main-sequence turnoff and subgiant stars from the LAMOST Galactic Spectroscopic Surveys. 2017ApJs.232.2X Download M.-S. Xiang, X.-W. Liu, et al., ApJS,2017, 232,2X
A Catalog of RV Variable Star Candidates from LAMOST 80,702 RV variable star candidates from LAMOST DR4. 2020ApJS.249.22 catalog_variables

Zhijia Tian, Xiaowei Liu, et al., ApJS, 2020,249,22